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I-3 Interceptive Class lll ( ტრეინერი )

  • I-3 Interceptive Class lll   ( ტრეინერი )
  • I-3 Interceptive Class lll   ( ტრეინერი )
  • I-3 Interceptive Class lll   ( ტრეინერი )
  • I-3 Interceptive Class lll   ( ტრეინერი )
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Myobrace Interceptive class III™ i-3®

The Myobrace Interceptive Class III™ is a three-stage appliance system designed specifically to correct poor oral habits while limiting the excessive lower jaw development problems commonly associated with patients who have class III. The Myobrace Interceptive Class III™ is most effective before a child’s permanent teeth are coming through (ages 5 to 8) and is available in three sizes. The i-3® provides arch development in addition to habit correction. It features Dynamicore™ with a Frankel Cage which assists in developing the arch form and improving the dental alignment. The i-3® is available in three sizes, in yellow or clear.

MRC has pioneered the use of appliances to correct myofunctional habits in growing children and has proven success in orthodontic correction without braces. This treatment can also lead to better facial development in growing children. The key to this treatment is correcting the position and function of the tongue, obtaining correct nose breathing and retraining the oral muscles to function correctly.

Myobrace® appliances effectively train the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw, retrain oral musculature and exert light forces to align the teeth.

Patient Selection
The i-3® is aimed primarily at children 5-8 years of age in the late-primary and early-mixed dentition with class III malocclusion. It was designed to limit unwanted lower-jaw growth by correcting lowered tongue and open mouth posture; problems which are evident in the majority of class III patients. The i-3® is not suitable for patients in the permanent dentition.

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