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ორთოდონტიული ბჟენი OrthoSource ფლურიდით 10გრამი

  • ორთოდონტიული ბჟენი OrthoSource ფლურიდით 10გრამი
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OrthoDontic Light Cure Brackets Adhesive Bonding System 
Kit Contents - 
  • 2 x 5 gm syringes Orthodontic Adhesive
  • 4 ml Primer 
  • 15gm Blue Etch Syringe 
  • Instructions and MSDS 
A unique light cure composite resin system for bonding plastic, metal, ceramic and crystal clear brackets to etched enamel. There is no mixing required. Highly filled paste has a tacky viscosity that eliminates bracket flotation. Light cure adhesive resin paste sets on demand with LED bonding light, giving the clinician complete control. The primer can be used to seal the etched enamel and also to dilute the resin composite paste. Cohesive strength of the adhesive is stronger than the bond to tooth allowing for secure tooth movement and bracket retention. Brackets can easily be snapped off tooth with ligature cutter or bracket removal plier. Microfilmer allows easy removal of residual resin with scaler or resin remover plier without use of burs. 
Features and Benefits - 
  • Almost unlimited working time 
  • Light cures in 3 to 10 seconds depending on LED light power
  • Idea viscosity to eliminate bracket float and ensure precise bracket placement 
  • Fluoride releasing 
FDA Approved
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